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Mario Kart 7 3DS Rom

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As Mario Kart is approaching the days when it has to celebrate its 20th anniversary, this only proves how the video game has become one of the best games in the history of Nintendo. The gamers have obviously enjoyed spending time with Mario, Browser, and the other characters of the game. These characters and their fast ride have always been found in every system starting with the SNES. The game has not seen how Mario, the plumber, his friends, and enemies stopped going into the warp pipe. Its popularity is even cemented by the fact that so many racing games have tried to imitate it but without any success. Others would even bravely claim that Mario Kart’s games have only inspired theirs but to no avail. One thing for sure though is that Mario games are still changing from time to time and with every change, they still shine. With Mario Kart 7’s increasing mushroom speed and high octane, the game is certainly worth having in your Nintendo 3DS.

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Mario Kart 7 is a superior mix of the elements that made the past Mario Kart games a success. It has also corrected the flaws that were found in other games developed for Nintendo 3DS. Considering how this is already the 7th Mario Kart game, it already spells success for the series. The game’s evolution though has not forgotten about its old elements, which are put in with the new ones. Just like past games, it has 32 tracks with old and new features. There are new courses and racers including tracks in the new Music Park that require the players to hop on the notes and instruments to reach the finish line, the Shy Guy Bazaar with its Middle East elements that have you and the other racers racing on rooftops to reach the gate, and the old racing elements from Mario Kart 64, the Luigi Raceway, and from Mario Kart Wii’s speed and chaos at the Coconut Mall.

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The game is also designed to look fresh with the addition of new racers/characters such as Lakitu, Metal Mario (which is added in commemoration of Super Mario 64’s 15th anniversary), Wiggler, Shy Guy, and more. The games seems new with the participation of these new racers. This sense of newness is even more refreshed with the addition of new features such as the feature that allows you to change your car by adding new tires and gliders, which give the vehicle the ability to fly back to the road. It even has the swimming feature now so you can also race underwater and discover shortcuts. You can maximize the use of this feature in the new courses at Cheep  Cheep Lagoon and Koopa Trooopa Beach. You can also enjoy the use of new items such as the tanooki tail that can swat other racers, the fireball power-up, the Lucky 7 that is a combo of seven weapons, the blooper for enemy inking, and the invincibility star and banana peel. 

The game’s graphics are excellent. You can totally enjoy the entire adventure as you collect scores and coins on your way to the finish line. There are also extras that would give you passes to customize your kart. Controlling the game is quite easy too, especially when you put on the classic mode although you might have trouble adapting to the first person perspective. The classic mode allows you to use the gyro sensor in your gaming system while racing and manipulate your kart so you can move back and forth. The latter is the feature found in the Wii Wheel for Mario Kart Wii. If you are new to Mario Kart racing game, this would take some time to be familiar with. However, there are also classic methods that you can use to play the game. The sound is also quite encouraging, with the combination of classic music and scores used in past games’ courses such as in the Mushroom Gorge. In conclusion, the gameplay for both single players and multiplayers is excellent. If you opt for the multiplayer mode, Streetpass is also added and you will experience online gameplay that is inspired by the Mario Kart Wii game.

Even if Mario Kart 7 has its flaws, the game still treats you to an exciting game. It offers more than what you might have expected of it at first glance. If you already love the previous Mario Kart games, there is no reason why you would not fall for this one too with your Nintendo 3DS system. Unlike other aging game franchises, Mario Kart proves that it can stand the test of time and that it ripens with age. If you are crazy about racing games, you would definitely want to have this game in your collection. It would awaken the senses of racers that have slept for more than two decades already. I am proud to say that I am one of those people cheering for Mario Kart 7.


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